War Memorial Hospital (WMH)

War Memorial Hospital – Waverley

War Memorial Hospital (WMH) is a 3rd Schedule Aged Rehabilitation hospital, situated in Waverley established in 1922. The hospital is owned and operated by Uniting and is part of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD).

Services are comprised of 24 hour inpatient care, Day Rehabilitation and Monday to Friday outpatient departments. The hospital also has multiple specialist community teams inclusive of our community and Residential Aged Care Facility Geriatric Flying Squad (rapid response multidisciplinary), Young Onset Dementia Service, Transitional Aged Care, Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), 7 day a week Day Centre and Elizabeth Hunter Lodge, our 24 hour accommodation service for regional/rural guests, along with the full range of hospital support services.

Some other key services include:
Specialist Geriatric assessment
Progressive neurological disorders
Falls management
Comprehensive Allied Health Services
Frailty intervention and reconditioning
Specialised individual and group therapies

At War Memorial Hospital we come from a belief that older people deserve the best possible care. Since 1985, we have been pioneering and inspiring a holistic approach to the wellbeing of older people with our sole specialist focus being aged rehabilitation. We have been on a mission to give people the best possible chance to live healthily into older age and to continue to enjoy the life they want to live, where they want to live.

We deliver a personalised ecosystem of health services for people over the age of 65, leading to better patient outcomes. We’re in the business of restoring the health of older Australians.

Our flexible, agile approach means we give each and every patient individualised care and attention and a program that affords them the best chance of success. We take both a proactive and reactive approach to care, depending on the circumstances of each and every person. This is only possible through teamwork and the quality of our suite of multidisciplinary services that we have meticulously developed over the past 95 years.

Specialist Clinical Services:
Nutrition and Dietetics
Occupational Therapy
Diversional Therapy

Social Work
Speech Pathology

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