Corporate Governance

The HSA NSW Board adheres to a rigorous governance and accountability framework.  The HSA Board members collectively have the skills, commitment and knowledge of the entity and the industry in which they operate. This collaboration enables effective and valuable discharge of duties, whilst promoting a lawful, ethical and responsible culture, in keeping with its Constitution.

The HSA NSW Board is responsible for ensuring:

  1. Clarity of mission and purpose
  2. Solid, longstanding foundations to assure sound governance and management of the organisation
  3. A good-structure, that is well-populated and well-managed to properly perform its function and to add value
  4. Ethical decision-making processes
  5. Respect for the rights of members, and good engagement and effective communication with its stakeholders
  6. Processes in place to ensure regulatory compliance and reporting requirements are consistently achieved
  7. Safe guardianship of the organisation’s financial standing, integrity and sustainability

The executive team provide the Board with accurate, timely and clear information on the entity’s operations to enable the Board to perform its responsibilities. This includes financial performance, legal compliance and regulatory requirements.


The HSA NSW Annual report can be found on this website