Health Services Association NSW



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The Health Services Association of New South Wales is a unique and dynamic collaborative of non-government public health service providers whose membership includes Public and Incorporated companies, registered charities, Affiliated Health Organisations, Public Hospitals, and not-for-profit organisations registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


The services provided by member organisations are diverse and include general and specialist rehabilitation, oncology, family health, mental health, palliative care, surgical services, and counselling services amongst many other physical and mental wellbeing and treatment services.
A number of member organisations also provide disability and aged care services.
Collectively, our members provide many thousands occasions of service each year which support the NSW Health system.


The Health Services Association of NSW provides a platform for individual members to form a collective voice and to help bridge the gap between independent organisations and the Minister, the Ministry and the NSW Pillars. It is an influential advocate in representing the interests and involvement of its members in NSW Health Strategic and Service Planning.