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“We, the Board and Executive Team of HSA NSW, would like to express our gratitude for Linéaire Projects’ outstanding guidance, facilitation and support in the development of our Operational Plan. Assisting us pro-bono, Linéaire Projects, led by Hediyeh Vahdat, undertook extensive consultation and collaborated with members of the HSA NSW Board and Executive, taking the time to understand our organisation and our specific challenges and opportunities. This has resulted in the development of a tailored Operational Plan that will guide us in the successful achievement of our strategic goals.  Linéaire Projects are highly passionate and professional, with extensive experience and detailed knowledge of all facets of the Health System. Through this process, we have developed a great partnership with Linéaire Projects and highly recommend them to other organisations wanting to undertake strategic and operational planning”.

The Health Services Association of New South Wales is a unique and dynamic collaborative of non-government public health service providers whose membership includes Public and Incorporated companies, registered charities, Affiliated Health Organisations, Public Hospitals, and not-for-profit organisations registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The services provided by member organisations are diverse and include

  • General and specialist rehabilitation
  • Oncology
  • Family Health
  • Mental health
  • Palliative care
  • Surgical services
  • Counselling services
  • Disability and aged care services
  • Physical and mental wellbeing and treatment service

    Collectively, our members provide many thousands occasions of service each year which support the NSW Health system


The Health Services Association of NSW provides :

A platform for individual members to form a collective voice and to help bridge the gap between independent organisations and the Minister, the Ministry and the NSW Pillars. It is an influential advocate in representing the interests and involvement of its members in NSW Health Strategic and Service Planning.

" War Memorial Hospital Waverley has appreciated its membership with the HSA NSW for over 15 years. The membership brings with it an invaluable network of similar organisations from across the health and disability landscape. There is opportunity to share ideas and learn from others, the areas of opportunity span for example strategic, operational, financial, growth and service provision. The HSA is a conduit to readily meet and form beneficial relationships with other organisations and leaders on both a formal and informal basis. The membership also affords opportunity to have direct audience with the Office of the Minister for Health & Medical Research , the Ministry of Health and the supporting Pillars. Providing opportunity for a collective voice for Affiliated Health Organisations and other not for profit service providers."
“ Karitane is committed to ongoing collaboration through the Health Services Association membership where we have the opportunity to collegially discuss, share and advocate on matters that we have in common with the Affiliated Health Organisations and other member agencies. We have gained many benefits as HSA members including the establishment of a strong advocacy network, collaborating on Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, legal, IT, financial/funding and governance matters. Karitane believes that the HSA has, in recent years particularly, been pivotal in establishing and maintaining strong relationships & direct dialogue representing our members with NSW MoH, NSW eHealth, other NSW Pillar agencies and relevant Ministerial portfolios.”
" Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has enjoyed a productive affiliation with the Health Services Association of NSW for seven years. Our membership has given us access to a diverse network of healthcare industry peers and provided wonderful learning and knowledge sharing opportunities. It has given us a voice within the NSW Ministry of Health and invaluable, regular contact with the Minister. By providing a forum for collaboration, HSA NSW membership has allowed us to shape conversations around common industry issues and engage in collective problem-solving. "
" Hawkesbury District Health Service have been a part of the HSA NSW membership group since early 2018. The membership has provided access to valuable resources including opportunities to collaborate with other health care organisations and leaders. The face of health care, including consumer expectations are continually changing resulting in a unique set of challenges. A platform where sharing ideas, discussing scenarios with like-minded professionals is essential for strategic growth and best practice. This has been one of the most advantageous aspects of our affiliation with HSA NSW. HSA NSW have also been pivotal in establishing a network between its members and the NSW Ministry of Health, in addition to other Pillar agencies. These channels of communication have been fundamental in navigating the health system to achieve positive outcomes. "
“The Health Services Association (HSA) of NSW and Calvary Mater Newcastle (CMN) celebrate a strong, collaborative partnership that has fostered a greater understanding of how the health system works and how we can better work together. The HSA continues to support CMN through advocacy and has provided invaluable opportunities to learn, innovate and strengthen relationships with other health pillars, including the NSW Ministry of Health. We look forward to continuing this important work with the HSA for many years into the future.”